Infographic: Top 7 Color Emotions & How to Use Them in Your Projects

Infographic: Top 7 Color Emotions & How to Use Them in Your Projects

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One component of logo design is deciding what colors to use. It’s essential to consider the way people interpret color.

This helpful infographic from Learn It Anytime helps to lay out what qualities and emotions are called forth by certain colors using the logos from well known brands as examples.

Let this guide help you in choosing your color palette when it’s time to design a logo for your business. Ask yourself, “What 3 or 4 emotions do I want to convey when someone thinks of my brand or sees my logo?” Take note of these and see where they fall in this color wheel of emotions.




A designer needs to understand what it is that the client wants to achieve with the logo design. So knowing what qualities you want your business to be known for is a must. The designer will ask you a variety of questions that elicit answers helping to make your goal clearer.

You may want your business/brand to be known as friendly and someone you can trust. So how does the designer portray friendliness and trust in the logo design?

One way is using colors. Scientists have been studying the way people respond to colors for several years. Certain colors make us feel a certain way about something. Provided that the designer knows what these emotions and colors are, the designer can use that information to help showcase the business in the best way. These color guidelines are not set in stone but wise designers use the information to their client’s benefit.

Although this is just one part of the logo design process, I think you will agree it is a vital part of it.


What colors do you relate to certain emotions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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